Comment on the Good Read itself

We constantly review how we run the Award and are looking for ways to improve the enjoyment of our readers.  Please post suggestions below for how we can improve.



2 thoughts on “Comment on the Good Read itself

  1. Gill McEvoy

    I think you’re right, Peter! Certainly I have never enjoyed myself so much, having this wonderufl opportunity to read so many first-time novels. (I do not have aTV as reading is my preferred passion) And what a wide range of subjects this year’s crop has embraced. The Waverton Good Read is one of the happiest things I’ve come across.Thank you all for it.

  2. Peter Goodhew Post author

    Most of the Good Read books are available for Kindle, and many of us read some of the books this way (it’s very convenient for travelling and holidays). I have looked at the price of the Kindle versions and it seems to have shot up this year. Previously first novels were often sold rather cheaply on Amazon, with the Kindle version costing only a pound or two. In contrast this year’s books on Kindle range in price from 0.99 to 9.49, with an average price of just under £6.
    This means it is not cheap to read many of the novels this way. The path to Gwen and Wendy’s doors will probably continue to be well trodden!


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