Comment on the books you are reading

The Waverton Good Read Award exists to encourage the writing and reading of debut novels.  Please post to this blog with comments on any of this year’s 96 titles (which can be found at

You will find the comment box below.


2 thoughts on “Comment on the books you are reading

  1. Peter Goodhew Post author

    I have just finished A Capital Union, which fulfils my requirement of a book in teaching me something new – in this case about the Scottish independence movement during WW2. Timely or what? A short easy read, and interesting.

  2. Peter Goodhew Post author

    We rarely get sci-fi submitted to the Good Read, but so far this year I have read three: Reviver (see my earlier post), Gemsigns and Theatre of the Gods. I could not get into Theatre of the Gods, which seemed to me totally impenetrable and so complex as to be impossible to read. I guess that Gemsigns will not be to everyone’s taste, but I commend it as a serious attempt to consider the issues involved in genetic modification of humans – technically feasible but probably intellectually abhorrent to most of us.


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