The Shock of Nathan

I so much enjoyed Nathan Filer’s conversation (it was not really a presentation) about schizophrenia and how and why he wrote The Shock of the Fall.  I felt that I learned a great deal about the condition both from his book and from Nathan himself.  I know that those who have read it are divided as to whether it is funny or not – I side with those who can see the humour in an otherwise dark novel.  Like pretty well everyone there yesterday, I was greatly entertained by Nathan’s performance love poem (which  – if you believe him – is not written down anywhere public, so we cannot follow it up).  Good luck to you Nathan.


2 thoughts on “The Shock of Nathan

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  2. Nathan Filer (@nathanfiler)

    Thank you Peter. And thank you everyone for a brilliant evening. That was the most interesting conversation (you’re right, it wasn’t a presentation – sorry…) I’ve had about this book. Excellent questions, which kept me on my toes.

    I hope that those who haven’t read ‘The Shock’ yet enjoy it. I’ll be so interested to hear your thoughts.



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